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How to Create a Website 



What is the first step to Create a Website?


Your first step will be to register for a domain name (web address). By having your own domain name, you will be establishing your own identity on the Internet.  Click here for more information on how to get a domain name .  


After I get a Domain Name for my Website  - What is Next?


Your next step is to sign up for web hosting services.  We provide professional low cost web site hosting services as well as other internet services that will help you market web site.


What is Web  Hosting?


Web hosting is whereby we host your domain name (web address) by providing you with space for the web pages that you design to be copied to our servers (computers) so that internet surfers can find your site.  Our company provides low cost website hosting services. Click here for our low cost rates and plans.


How Do I Design My Web Site?


If you want to design your own web site, there are a variety of web designer programs available.  A few of the popular ones are:  Microsoft Frontpage,  Dreamweaver,  Printshop, PrintMaster,  etc.  (Note:  If you have Microsoft Word, you can create a web page by saving the file you create as a "html" file.  With any of the programs you decide to purchase, you will need to spend some time learning the program that you decide to use.  Most of the products have templates already developed and all you have to do is select a template for your business and fill in your information. 


When you sign up with us for web hosting (All In One Plan), free website templates are available in your Web Hosting Control Panel and access to Site Builder is included with your web hosting (All in One) Plan . Site Builder gives you the ability to select from hundreds of online templates. All you have to do is provide the information - no knowledge of html is required. In a very short period of time, you can have a web presence.


Your other option is to have a professional web designer do it for you.


How to I Put My Website on Your Server?


One will also need to know how to upload (copy) their web pages to the server so that they can be displayed on the Internet.  Some of the web designer programs, however, will have their own publishing feature that will automatically upload your files to the server.  For the programs that do not have this feature, you can use a third party FTP (file transfer protocol) program.  One of the programs that we use is called WS-FTP. You can get more information on this product by clicking on the following link:  WS-FTP


How Do I Get Promote My Web Site?


You will need to register your web site with the search engine sites, i.e. Yahoo, Google,  MSN, etc.  You can manually register your site with each company by going to their web site and looking for the "Add URL" link (usually at the bottom of the page)  and be sure to read and follow their guidelines.  Also, do Link Exchanges with other sites that are related to yours. Related links are especially important in getting good placement in the Google Search Engine.  


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