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Website Promotion Marketing Tips


Link Exchange Importance


We cannot over emphasize the importance of Link Exchanges with other sites.  Many of the popular search engines use link popularity as part of their algorithm criteria.  These search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL.


In creating your link page it is suggested that you refer to it as one of the following so that the Search Engines do not view your link page as simply a link farm:  Web Resources, Internet Network, Related Links, Directory, Reference Sources, etc.  One should also make it easy for the search engines to find your links when they crawl your website by placing a text link to your links page or to your other link sites from your home page. One can also provide a link from a site map page.


When setting up your links, include a brief text description of the exchange site that includes their keywords.  Also, when asking others to incorporate your link on their website, be sure to include your keywords as part of the text link.




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It is suggested that one try to spend at least 30 minutes to a hour a day to seek link exchange partners.


Search Engine Submission


Register your website with the search engines after you have designed your website and uploaded the pages to the server.  A link to the popular search engines can be found on our site at:


It is also strongly suggested that one register their site manually with each search engine versus using an automation search engine submission tool.  Before submitting your site include meta tag titles, keywords and descriptions for the search engines that use them for indexing.  The information provided on our search-engine page will provide guidelines to help you prepare your website for search engine submission and there is some information on how to create your meta tags and incorporate them into your web page.


Site Promotion Resources


Following are some sites that we found to have good information on Site Promotion:


Link Popularity


Free Website Promotion Tutorial



LINK Exchange  Request


In exchange for the useful information that we provide to help you promote your website, we ask that you please place the following text link to us on your site.  Thank you.


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