Web Site Hosting Services
Web Site Hosting services is put into three categories:


  • Virtual Hosting:This is the most popular form of hosting and this is the type of hosting we provide. Your site can utilize your domain name. Also, note that virtual hosting is oftentimes just referred to as web hosting and sometimes called domain hosting,  and surfers get to your website by typing in your domain name, i.e.  yourcompany.com,
  • Dedicated Hostingb>: Dedicated Hosting is when you have your very own web server. This type of hosting is good for the web developer who maintains several sites, large web sites, web sites that use special software.  The hosting company provides you a server, rack space for the server, back-up power, Internet connectivity and other options. I would only recommend this type of hosting if you are comfortable with networking and have a good knowledge of the operating software used.
  • Colocation Hosting: Colocation hosting provides the same benefits as dedicated hosting, except you provide the server. This type of server is recommended if you want to physical access to the server, or have special server requirements.