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A question often asked is "How do I make a 

Web Site"?


First of all, one will have to decide if you would like to create the web site yourself, use one of our free web page templates that comes with our hosting plans or , use the WebSite Builder® - which is Point, Click and input your information or hire someone to do it for you.


Option 1:  Create Your Own Web Site


There are a variety of web site creation or web page editor (HTML - HyperText Markup Language)  programs available that allow you to create your own web pages.  A few of the popular ones are:  Microsoft Frontpage, Coffee Cup, Dreamweaver,  Artisteer etc.  (Note:  If you have Microsoft Word, you can create a web page by saving the file you create as a "html" file)  With any of the web page editor programs that you decide to purchase, you will need to spend some time learning the program.   Most of the programs have templates already developed and all you have to do is select a template for your business and fill in your information.   You can also use your Notepad program that comes with Windows XP Vista Operating Systems....  However, if you go this route, you will need to become very familiar with the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) coding. 


The difference between using a program like Frontpage vs. Notepad, is that with the Frontpage program, the html coding is put in for you automatically.  All you have to do is type your information as if you were typing a document.  The popular web design program can be purchased at your local computer stores or any store that sells software products.


For pictures/graphics, you will need to have a scanner to put pictures of your own products, logos, etc. on your web pages or get a Clipart/Graphics CD or a Digital Camera.  You will also find there are a number of sites on the internet where one can download graphics or clipart.


To create custom graphics, or your own buttons, dividers, etc., you will need to use and learn some type of a graphics program, like Gimp - Open Source or Adobe Photoshop. These programs are also used to resize your graphics.


You will create the web pages offline on your own computer and then upload (copy) them to the server of your chosen Web Hosting Company using a FTP (file transfer protocol) program.  Some of the web page editor programs, however, will have their own publishing feature that will automatically upload your files to the server.  For the programs that do not have this feature, you can use the third party FTP (file transfer protocol) program.  The program that we use is called WS-FTP. You can get more information on this product by clicking on the following link: 


Click Here for more info on WS-FTP.  



Your web hosting company will provide you with a username and password to access their server when you transfer/copy your web pages from your local computer to the server.


Additionally, we provide a File Manager tool in our easy to use web hosting control panel that allows you to copy your pages from your local computer to the server as another option.  However, the easiest method is to use a FTP program or the web publishing program that comes with your web design program.



Option 2:  Use one of our free web site templates that comes with our Low Cost Web Hosting Plans

Click here to try our FREE OnSite Builder Tool

You will be able to create a professional website in minutes, without any web hosting experience.


Also included with the hosting is over 4,500 templates. (will need to have some html experience and familiarity with working with graphics programs for customization)


Option 3: Sign up for WebSite Builder®


The easy Point and Click tool to create your website.

Click Here for WebSite Builder® info



Option 4: Hire a Web Designer


If you do not wish to spend the time to learn how to create your own web site, or if you want a customized website, you can hire one of professional web designers to design your website for you. Call us for a quote.