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How to Put Your Business
on the Internet

Step 1

Get a domain name (web address - for your business web site.  
(Click Here to find out why you need a domain name and how to order yours today!


Step 2


Sign up with a Web Hosting Company  so you can use your domain name (web address).


Once you have a domain name, you will need a web hosting company (a company like ours that has the ability to store your web pages on a server and to display your web pages on the Internet).  You will receive a user name and password so that you can modify, add and delete pages whenever you like. Our web hosting plans are as low as $3.50/month and include ability to install WordPress to create your website or blog and you will have a web presence in a short period of time. (Click Here to Sign Up for Your Web Hosting Today


Your Other Option:


You can use your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) i.e. AOL, Verizon, Cable... who will  provide you with free space for your web pages. 


If you use your current ISP for your web pages the space is free. They will allow you to save your web pages on their server (computer). There is no additional monthly charge. The free web space is one of the features that is included in the monthly fee that you pay to them for giving you the ability to access the Internet.

Keep in mind that if you use your current ISP's web space - your web address may be ""

However, if you should decide to change ISP companies you will not be able to maintain the same web address that they gave you because you would no longer have access to their server.

The advantage to putting your web pages on our server is that we are independent of your current ISP and therefore no matter who you use for your ISP service (the company that provides you the ability to access the Internet), your web pages and web address will not change. Once you get your own domain name (web address), you can have anyone host your web site.


You may say "Why Pay When I Can Get It Free from my ISP?"  As referenced above, if you should decide to change ISP's you will not be able to maintain your same web address and plus by having your own domain name (web address), being that you have a business web site, this is your unique identity on the Internet.  Because our service is independent of your current ISP and we provide you with space on our servers, there is a monthly web hosting fee. (See our low cost web hosting rates by clicking on the following link: 



Step 3


Create your web site.  How?  What are my options?


Option 1 - Create Your Own Web Site - Do It Yourself




Saves Web Site Designer Cost. You can also maintain yourself.




You will need to get familiar with HTML (language used to design web pages) or learn a software platform like WordPress or use a WebSite Builder (plug and play) that will generate a web page for you automatically. Also, you will spend time  looking for graphics and creating the page. 



Option 2 - Have a Web Site Designer Create Your Web Site for You




Saves you lots of time in learning HTML and frustration




Cost of designing the web site


Option 3 - Use our Easy to Learn, No Install - Website Builder. Free templates and lots of designs.

Click Here for WebSite Builder

Step 4


Transferring Your Web Pages to the Web Host Server.


After signing up with a web host, you will be able to transfer/copy your web page files to the computer server of your web host. You will do this by  using a "File Transfer Protocol" software program.  The company that you have chosen to host your web pages can provide you with information on how to get the FTP program or they may have this feature automated for you. They will provide you with a User ID and password to transfer your pages to their server.   Also, if you use a program such as Dreamweaver, a file transfer/publishing feature is included with the program.


Step 5


Register Your Web Site With Search Engines


After you are on the Internet, it is time to let the world know you have arrived.  Your next step is to get your web site indexed by the top search engine sites. 


What are Search Engine sites?b> 

A search engine site is where web surfers can go and type in key words or makes an inquiry when looking for something.  The popular search engine sites are  Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Step 6


Advertise/Promote Your Web Site via local marketing to your customers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, ...