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Do You Want to Know How to Get Your Business Online in 2 Easy Steps?

Step 1 - What is a Domain Name?

Your first step to get onto the Internet is to get a Domain Name for your website.

A domain name can be compared to being your home address where you are geographically located. However, a domain name on the internet means a "web" address where your website is located and can be found. When one asks you what is your web address and/or if you want one to visit your location on the internet, you provide them with the web address, also known as, a domain name.   Generally, speaking a domain name is the address you provide so that internet surfers can visit your website on the internet.   An example of how one might quote their domain name is by using the following format: "" .

A domain name has extensions which identify the type of company that owns the domain name, i.e. com=commercial, .net-network, .org=organization, gov=government, .biz=business, etc.

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Step 2 - WebSite Builder
Select Your Template

Sign up with a Web Hosting Company so you can use your domain name (web address). One of the quickest ways to get started with creating your online business is to use a WebSite Builder. All you have to do is select a template that relates to your business, create and fill in your "Home", "Services", "About" and "Contact Us" pages. If you don't like the first template you selected, you can change it without losing your information.

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